A Dark Day for D-Bags….

Just a little palate-cleanser for the first day after Tiki Month.
While I’m sure that Republic in Chicago is not at all my kind of place, and while I’m triply sure you aren’t going to get a well crafted blend of rum, lime, Luxardo, and grapefruit on the rocks if you were to order a Daiquiri there, I don’t care.
Merely feast your eyes on their new dress code, and raise your glass with me to say, Republic, I salute you!

(via FailBLOG)


  1. I live in Miami and I think that every single location, either a cocktails bar and nightlife venues, should have a poster just like this one!!! I can’t believe does Humpa Lompas are coming to Miami!!!
    Thanks again for this post!!!

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  2. brian12566

    2 March

    I hate dress codes, except for that one.

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