Blogger Makes Terrible Mistake

Blogger Makes Terrible Mistake

I am sure that this will not end well, but I have joined Twitter.

Ready to surrender the last shreds of your life, huh?

Apparently. I intend to try to keep my followings to a minimum. We’ll see how long that lasts.

For those of you who want to follow me…

I think it’s cute that you expect anyone to care.

… you can do so at @dawinship. Not sure what I’ll “tweet”…

How is a wordy bastard like you going to manage Twitter?
I hope you’ve put down drop-cloths or something to catch the mess when the 140 character limit makes your head explode.

Which is why I don’t think I’ll be posting much beyond a few links to stuff that isn’t cocktail related but fits the mindset of this blog otherwise. That and notices of new posts here.
Beyond that, I pledge to avoid keeping you updated about my bowel movements.

Thank you.


  1. Jacob

    2 March

    Followed! One request though: Disable the WP to Twitter thing. Link to posts you specifically want to highlight, but integrating every single post is overkill. If people are using Twitter they’ve probably mastered RSS already if they want to keep up with blogs. That’s my opinion anyway, and I’m a pretty shameless self-promoter!

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  2. Doug

    2 March

    Everything I write is important, Jacob….

    Seriously, this is one of the things I’ve got to work on. Etiquette is always important to me and entering a new zone is going to be a minefield. I’ll take all the suggestions I can get.

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  3. Jacob

    2 March

    I know, me too! I sometimes feel guilty about not linking to every post and denying the masses my wisdom, but such is life.

    Seriously, I’m glad you’re on Twitter now though. Welcome to it!

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  4. I just started following you, you should follow me too, kthx. my Twitter handle is “hwalek”

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  5. Doug

    4 March

    Done. Now I have to figure out why your comment above was files by Akismet with all the Russian pr0n links….

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