The Bitterlypse Isn’t Over: Cocktailians Rob...

The Bitterlypse Isn’t Over: Cocktailians Robbing Bars

Will it never end?

The Bitterlypse continues to ride across the land, folks. New York Magazine has the story of a woman robbing Clover Club, stealing a bottle of bitters so she could make proper Manhattans at her cocktail party!

I blame Bush… Both of them… and Reagan, too.

(H/T: Jacob Grier, who always finds my best material for me.)


  1. brian12566

    23 March

    I better lock up the bottles I have!

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  2. Doug

    23 March

    Tru dat, Brian!
    Imagine the horror of roving bands of women, breaking in to steal your bitters.
    What a great apocalyptic movie that would make. I see Keanu Reeves in the leading role, mixing drinks in the world’s last bar with Angostura, shotgun in one hand. And who shall we cast in the female lead as the sexy, lab-coated scientist working desperately to formulate a replacement supply before Keanu runs out?
    The best part would be the 99% of the world who would be periodically seen going about their lives in completely normal fashion in this post-apocalyptic, bitters-free wasteland, and wondering what all the fuss is about with these drunken hipsters….

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  3. brian12566

    23 March

    You had me at Roving bands of women; then lost me at Keanu Reeves.

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  4. Jason

    23 March

    Do the Fee’s old fashion bitters approximate the flavor profile of Angostura’s? There’s plenty of that stuff around and they say they have angostura bark in there.

    I am still not panicking yet with my 3/4-full 4 oz. bottle of bitters, but my supply of rye is woefully low. Can’t find Rittenhouse anywhere, even here in flyover country where nobody drinks rye. A little worried about that. Might have to start spending the big bucks for Sazerac and WT.

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  5. Doug

    23 March


    Not even close. In fact, in my movie we should have the roving bands of women be driven crazy by resorting to Fee’s.

    The Rittenhouse thing has me scared too. I’m on a Manhattan kick right now, and levels are getting low!

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  6. Chris

    24 March

    My flyover city has ignored all the little Mom and Pop shops, I scored three bottles last weekend. The big retailer in town told me, “The plant burnt down, won’t get AB for a long time.” I didn’t apologize for laughing at him then suggesting he do some research. Was my own fault for calling him in the first place.

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