Weekend Yumminess Designed to Make Cocktail Snobs ...

Weekend Yumminess Designed to Make Cocktail Snobs Love Good Ole’ Vodka

Love Vodka?
It’s against my religion!


No way.
I categorically reject the thought.

OK guys. If you say so. I guess you can reject plain vodka all you want.
You are welcome to have this instead:

Hotdog infused vodka, a.k.a. “Weeniecello”. Please enjoy.



Via Glenn Reynolds, and thence Asylum comes this concoction by Andrew Fenton, seemingly designed to drive the liquorati into the bottom of the nearest bottle of Ultimat.
Not to be satisfied with just producing this witch’s brew, he also thoughtfully provides us with an appropriate cocktail recipe as well.


  • 3 oz weeniecello
  • 1 oz dry vermouth
  • splash of sauerkraut brine

Garnish with a slice of hot dog, because the time has come at last to garnish our cocktails with meat.

I kid Andrew. I applaud the creative impulse.
But I don’t kid Andrew. Hot Dogs? Seriously?

Have a good weekend everyone.


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