A New Entry in the Unfortunate Name Choices Wing o...

A New Entry in the Unfortunate Name Choices Wing of the Alcohol Hall of Fame

I am a fan of Three Olives. They make a good basic vodka that is right in the price/quality saddle for vodkas. They also produce about the widest selection of flavored vodkas you can find. But this last has led them into a bit of a dicey situation.

When you have so many flavors, you need to keep coming up with new names for them. Their latest is a blend of orange and tangerine. It was therefore not a bad lexicographical blending to call the product RangTang….

Except there should be a full load class in all marketing schools that consists solely of the instructor walking around the room, bopping every student on the head with a foam bat, and screaming, Don’t forget to Google it before you release the product! This should be repeated three days a week for the semester.

By now you should be fairly curious what else RangTang might mean beyond yummy flavored vodka. You will not find that additional, prior meaning in this blog. Just click on this to do a Google search for RangTang. But before you do, be advised that you don’t need to. Really. You will anyway, but I want to be on record first, saying that concepts considered cannot be unconsidered.

I’d like to thank blame the John Rutherford of Observational Gastrophysics for getting me to consider the concept in the first place.


  1. Frederic

    29 March

    This was first mentioned on DrinkBoston. Considering that they have an ad campaign of “show me your ‘O’ face” and taking submissions from the public, having a sexual theme is not new ground for them.

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  2. Doug

    29 March

    Yeah, I wrote about the Show Me Your O Face before (it’s at the price/quality saddle link above).
    But I don’t think this was in any way intentional on their part. O-Faces are one thing. Er, RangTanging is another.

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  3. Rowen

    29 March

    My mouth is watering already. Wait—no! Not Like that! I mean….

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  4. Doug

    30 March

    You’re a brave one Rowen…

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