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This June, Maggi and I are going to spend three glorious, child-free days in New York City, spending our days in the Garment District, and our evenings in cocktail bars. I love New York, but don’t spend nearly enough time there. (Don’t you New Yorkers want to kill your friends for entertainment purposes any more?)
So I’m shouting out to my readers for some hotel suggestions. I usually stay at the Hudson, which I love, find really cool, and is close to where most of my Manhattan clients tend to live. It is exactly the sort of place I’m looking to stay, but it is further north than I think I want for the purposes of this trip. I’d like a cool, modern place to stay, hopefully with a kicking cocktail lounge on site in which we can start an evening or two, and that I can add to my planned list of watering holes to review.
While I still have plenty of time, I’d appreciate any and all suggestions you have, by email or in the comments!


  1. Meg

    6 April

    Hmmm…how about one of these?

    The Mercer ( – gorgeous, boutique hotel in SoHo, really convenient to the 6 and N-R trains, so it’s easy to get to East or West Midtown in 15 minutes. Two blocks from Pegu Club.

    The Crosby Street Hotel ( – Same thing, but newer and slightly trendier than the Mercer. Within easy walking distance of PDT and Death & Company, too.

    Ace Hotel ( – Crazy convenient to the Garment District, and close to several trains. The Breslin and Stumptown are right downstairs.

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  2. brian12566

    7 April

    So you are coming to my neck of the woods? Need a police escort? Want to do a ride along? Let me know! You can go on patrol with me one night.

    I have a friend that is the reservations manager at the Millenium Hotle in Times Square..

    Send me an email with your dates, and I will see if anything is available and what price he can get for you.

    My wife and I would love to have a few drinks with you and yours while you’re in town.

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