Blogbarcrawl Update: Mime McSorley of McSology

Blogbarcrawl Update: Mime McSorley of McSology

As some none of you may have noticed, I have failed to participate in Mixology Monday for a while. Shame on me. I do hope to manage it this April 26th, when McSology will be hosting MxMo XLVIII: Pain in the Ass Drinks!
I had missed Mike McSorley’s blog before now, but was excited to see it, since Mike is a working bartender. I love the special insights a boozeblogger has if he or she actually does this stuff for a living. I also love finding new bloggers who work behind the mahogany, because it gives me an excuse to update the BlogBarCrawl. Check it out when you are traveling, so you can know where to drink and have some inside conversation as well! You’ll find Mike’s place of work, the Naga Cocktail Lounge, pinned on the map in Bellevue, Washington.


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