May Pegus Round the Web

Two more intrepid websites have raised their voices in accord with the need to restore The World’s Greatest Cocktail to its rightful place of prominence. Such events warm my heart and refresh my energies through continuing evidence that my now decade-long quest is bearing fruit. (Skeptics may note that Audrey Saunders perhaps had more to do with this than I. Skeptics can bite me.)

Regardless, Cellar Crush, a blog that tries to make the difficult bridge between wine and cocktails rolled out a Pegu that is pretty close to the Savoy’s old recipe, with a most excellent picture:

I still think this yields a drink that is a touch too sweet, but then my taste in drinks and humor is dry.

The other offering comes from the UK, at The Drink Shop is a mail-order retailer that offers an extensive set of cocktail references. They have videos, bartender profiles, and a good sized drinks database. They offer what they call the “Bombay Sapphire Pegu Club Cocktail”, quite a mouthful for a drink that need only be called a Pegu. This is bad marketing—just ask Prince how renaming himself from a single punchy syllable to a string of pointless words is working out for him. Theirs is a tad drier that Cellar Crush’s, but still too sweet, especially when you use Bols Triple Sec instead of Cointreau.
Sam Carter, who submitted, the recipe gets special awesomeness points for including this in the recipe:

Why? I want to rejuvenate this forgotten classic.

Please visit both sites and look around. Each is worth the visit beyond their Pegu nods. And welcome to the Church, guys!


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