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I’m happy to have discovered another cocktail blogger who actually works at this, Andrew Bohrer, of the blog Caskstrength. Andrew can carve an ice ball in 42 seconds, and creates famous bartender action figures out of Legos. I ran across Andrew’s blog because he is hosting the next Mixology Monday. The theme this month is MxMo: Tom Waits.

What the hell does that even mean?
I’ve seen Tom Waits, and I’m not looking forward to him as an ingredient.

It took me a bit to puzzle it out myself, but Andrew has come up with a very cool idea. This month we are not so much to present a drink, as a drinking story. I assume that including a good recipe as well will not be looked at amiss, but it doesn’t seem necessary. Waits is the bard of late-night leaning on the mahogany, no matter which side, so Andrew invites us to tell a favorite drinking tale.
I have missed the last several MxMos because, well, I had nothing interesting to contribute, and you can only get away with crap like this once. I do have a story or two which are legen.., wait for it…, dary, but I’ll have to see if I can cast one in a light that works with a Tom Waits soundtrack. In the meantime, I get to explore a lot of cool music.
Lots of you who blog, but not usually about cocktails, might want to take this opportunity to try getting into a MxMo.
The other reason for this post is to mention that I added Andrew to the BlogBarCrawl, and to pimp that feature of the blog to any new readers I have accumulated since I first added it.
Lots of us travel, and if you are into cocktails, what better information to have than an indication of where to get a drink from someone who obviously cares about good drinks? After all, there aren’t too many cocktail bloggers out there writing odes to sour mix or their newly discovered, wicked awesome, pre-made strawberry daiquiris. These guys (and gals) care about that they are making enough to write about it. And even if the blogger in question isn’t working when you drop in, you’ll still likely be in a reasonably caring establishment.
Next time you are in a strange city, take a look at the BlogBarCrawl and check out someplace cool. And if you are a blogging bartender and your joint ain’t on the list, please let me know!
The main link to the BlogBarCrawl is in the left sidebar, but I’ll embed a smaller map, zoomed in on Mecca the US Northwest, where Andrew keeps the counter clean.

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