SideBlog: HuffPo Argues Ove Proper Gimlets

SideBlog: HuffPo Argues Ove Proper Gimlets

The Huffington Post debates the making of Gimlets. Training wheels, but Kozel does get it right.


  1. Cris

    20 May

    Interesting, Doug. I am perplexed, and this is why. After graduating from the rigorous “BARSMARTS”, I am torn. They teach the classic gimlet as a cocktail made with Rose’s lime juice. I personally do not believe that the stuff has any place behind my bar. If you order a gimlet at my bar you get spirit, lime, and simple syrup. But when I go to NYC to do my BarSmarts finals, Mr. Dale DeGroff himself will expect my gimlet to have Rose’s in it. Weird. I am a fresh bar kind of babe, can’t deny it.

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