Stoli Helps To Up Liquor Ads’ Game

Stoli Helps To Up Liquor Ads’ Game

I recently posted on a great Heineken ad, observing that Beer Ads Still Kick Liquor Ads Butt, Take Their Lunch Money. The beer companies just make more entertaining ads than liquor companies. (They both soundly trounce wine ads, which are boring and pretentious at best) Part of this is because there are lots more restrictions on when, where, and how hard liquor makers can advertise compared to brewers. But still, it’s no excuse and bad business for the distillers to be so lame in comparison.
Well, Stolichnaya is stepping up to the plate and taking their cuts. Good on ’em. Here is their new television advertisement that asks the rather odd question, Would you have a drink with you? They ask it of perhaps the world’s most famous, (sort-of) non-fictional vodka martini drinker, the Hef.


  1. Ryan

    7 June

    I drink by myself all the time….

    Better question. Would you want to have a drink with The Heff, KNOWING all the time that his wrinkly old balls are just one small flap away from burning their image into your brian forever.

    Stolichiniachavekaleck forgets this possibility.

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  2. I get the strange feeling that Heff wants a one-night stand with himself.

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