Low-Light Cocktail Photography

I was going to just SideBlog this, but I think I’ve got something to say on the subject, especially in light of my recent trek through the famous watering holes of New York.
Appetite for China (motto: 1.3 billion people must be eating something right) has a great post up detailing 10 Tips for Low-Light Cocktail Photography. (H/T Camper of Alcademics’ Twitter feed.)

Better low-light photo than I can take, stolen directly from AFC’s post

I’m not going to steal any of the tips that Diana gives, go read her damn post! But I will discuss how useful her knowledge is. She got the tips because she, unlike me, got to go to the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, and went to PDT for a seminar on taking drink pictures in light that is crappy for cameras, but awesome for drinking. The tips are great, and I hope I’ll use them. They are for photographing in different circumstances than those I got from Sara Remington, and those are worth going over too, if you haven’t read them before.
I took no pictures during my trip around New York, and I regret it. But I will not make a scene of myself while out in public, especially not in an intimate environment, the sort of place where you get good drinks. The knowledge Diana got, and publicizes to us all, it great for capturing your memories, whether to blog or to enjoy personally. I’ve written before on this, and it bears repeating: The other patrons in a restaurant or bar do not want to watch you take pictures!
But I want those pictures, and so do most of you who read this blog, so here’s a great opportunity to get what you want, and still maintain your dignity.


  1. john

    8 July

    whew, you had me scared for a moment. i’m glad you came down on the side of enjoying drinks without the need for a(n intrusive) record. 99% of all drinks look the same, anyway, good light or not!

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