A Serious Issue, um, I Think

Wicked tats, officer!

OK, so if you are reading about this story here first, you need to get out on the Internet more. I am talking about JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater, who got into a profane argument with a passenger, cursed out his entire plane, popped the emergency slide, took two beers, and exited the plane and his job, going home to await police in the arms of his gay lover. This kind of situation is what the new industry calls, a gift.
However, my wife points out a serious side to the story. The argument came when a passenger got up to get her luggage before the plane was secure at the gate. It’s against the law to do this folks, because the bags could shift and fall on someone, hurting them. This is exactly what happened to America’s Newest Folk Hero™.
Why has no one mentioned that the passenger was breaking the rules and causing a safety hazard? I guess JetBlue just wants this story to go away…

Fat chance of
that happening!

But I think the airline should take this chance to lay some knowledge on travelers about the dangers of trying to snag your bag while still away from the gate. And since I’m all about helping people, I have a few suggestions.
I know exactly the person to deliver this message (I saw her in person just a few weeks ago on a Delta aircraft), and I have some suggested visual aids that will certainly help her deliver this important message….
“Deltalina”, the ball is in your court!

And, because this is as good an excuse as any to put up this video that everyone loves, I shall now embed the Citizen Kane of airline safety videos…

You are welcome.

  1. Jacob

    11 August

    I saw that video for the first time yesterday. The lighting was off somehow, so “Deltalina” looked a weird Martian shade of green. I thought it was a way to get people to pay attention to it.

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  2. Jordan

    16 August

    I saw those videos for the first time a couple of weeks back when I was flying to NYC. There’s something creepily artificial about that woman. And the finger wagging looked more sensual than censure-ous, which seemed like the wrong message to be sending.

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