MxMo: Key Lime Pie

MxMo: Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie must never be green!


If you are in the Keys (or, really, anywhere) and the “Key lime” pie you are served is a rather off-putting shade of beige, just close your eyes and enjoy.


Even better, get it frozen… on a stick… dipped in dark chocolate!

  1. Ben Bennett

    26 September

    Wow… those chocolate-dipped ones look awesome.

    My problem with key-lime pie is that it always seems to be too sweet. Or perhaps I’ve never had really good key lime pie…

    Do you have a recipe?

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  2. Kevin Cundiff

    3 October

    Key Lime Pie is a favorite here in the frozen Midwest where those delectable little limes are hard to find. If a great recipe is forthcoming in your replies, and you would share it with me, I would be in your debt. Thank you.

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