Mixology Monday 51: Lime

Mixology Monday 51: Lime

Limes from Feasting On... Pixels
Image lifted from Feasting on… Pixels. (See below)

And so here we go. Monday, Sept. 20th was the fifty first Mixology Monday carnival of cocktails, the monthly roundup of related posts that originally forged the first, disparate cocktail blogs into today’s thriving Cocktailosphere.

As the designated glutton for punishment host of this month’s round up, I called for posts on the subject of limes. And the Internet delivered.

[UPDATE: And speaking of the Internet delivering, welcome Instapundit readers! I hope you enjoy yourselves as you check out another corner of the blogosphere. Thanks, Professor.]

The first thing the Internet delivered was an Operation Overlord-sized landing of… Gimlets. All manner of Gimlets.

Things were calm until someone brought vodka to the party,
and G.I. Gimlet here got angry….

Gimlets are among the most basic of cocktails, and I’ve always sneered at them. So I mixed one up last night for the first time in years in honor of all this Gimletry, and damned if I didn’t end up drinking three.

DJ Hawaiian Shirt manned the bunkers, defending the shores with a traditionalist’s reminder that a Gimlet means Rose’s Lime Cordial, and don’t forget it!

Jason, of the Ancient Fire Wine Blog (who invited in the wine bloggers? Oh right, we did.) lead the attack onto the beach with his Basil Vodka Gimlet. Using vodka in a traditionally gin drink is always a good way to pour oil on troubled waters in the Cocktailosphere, Jason….

Bi-lingual blogger Malty Puppy, makes his own lime cordial replacement for Rose’s and compares gins and service methods for Gimlets.

It’s the first ever MxMo post for Polish blogger Artur of Tarasco Bar. He makes me wish he posted bilingually more often, if only so I’d have an excuse to check out the ridiculously gorgeous header on his blog. He fully internationalizes the Gimlet fray by taking this english cocktail, borrowing Brazilian methods, and offering up the Gimletinha.

Janet A. Zimmerman posted her own recipe for lime cordial in this month’s eGullet discussion board thread. She also references her posting last November that is a comprehensive, scholarly, and award winning history and appreciation of Rose’s Lime Cordial.

Oh, and Camper English joins in too.

I didn’t write a….

Yes, yes you did Camper. Or at least your post on Gimlets was timed perfectly to suck you into this whole Gimlet-palooza subset of Mixology Monday. Enjoy G-Day, Camp!

Tiare of A Mountain of Crushed Ice steers us clear of this bloodshed by bringing (of course) the Tiki. She employs one of the real superweapons of cocktailia to do so. Was she really thinking hard about limes for this post? I doubt it. She just wanted to have a ridiculously potent Mai Tai, post another of her photos that are so much better than mine, and rub in the fact that she still has Lemon Hart 151 lying around.

Frederic, the Cocktail Slut (His URL says something different, but the URL is old, IYKWIMAITYD) Teases us me with the Peguweiser, a beer-based sacrilege, then gives us the complex and mysterious McMenomy.

Paul, the Cocktailosphere’s Godfather, and proprietor of the essential Cocktail Chronicles notes the lime’s utilitarian nature. He uses it for background acidity rather than flavor in his offering this month, but mostly as an excuse to write about banana liqueur and the Planet of the Apes…. Um, that makes perfect sense.

If you don’t know Reese, he blogs as Cocktail Hacker, where he makes his name fixing things that ain’t broke. His jailbreak this Mixology Monday ramps up one of lime’s greatest hits, giving us the Noon Day Sun Margarita.

Guy“, the guy who comments on my blog so much he usually sticks his oar in before I get the posts finis…

That’s me!

Shut up.
Guy has posted a roundup of his own of general lime trivia, information, and lore. Feel free to smack him around in the comments if he steps out of line.
It’s so hard to get good sockpuppets these days.

New(ish) blogger Jordan Devereaux of Chemistry of the Cocktail uses lime in just about everything. He offers us the sweetly delicious Caroni Rum Sling. As you can see from his nifty photo, he gives the lie to a point made by said worthless sockpuppet about lime twists.

Besides Frederic, with his blasphemously funny Peguweiser, two bloggers apparently thought they needed to suck up to me. (No one needs to suck up to me):

Keith the Speakista brings the best cocktail EVAR, and uploads the biggest cocktail photo EVAR, too. Click the pic on his blog to see what I mean. He also offers a drink named after relatively obscure (compared to me) public figure, Pedro Martinez….

And the inimitable Jacob Grier goes all molecular mixology on us, with agar clarification of lime juice. Crystal clear lime juice just upsets the natural order of the universe. Cats and dogs, living together, etc., etc. He does know how to choose a good cocktail to try it with, though.

Londoner Andy, who writes about Good Drinks, etc., goes all avant garde with the fascinating Cubre, an up version of the Cuba Libré. As a Georgia boy, I am driven by genetics and bound by honor to note that he probably ruins it by using Pepsi instead of Coke….

Kim, of understandingcocktails, (another first time MxMoer) deconstructs the Caipirinha while constructing one. While you are visiting his page, be sure to refresh your browser a couple of times in hopes of seeing the header picture that is most appropriate for this month’s festivities….

Food and drink blogger Andy presents the Stiletto on his blog, Sybaritic Wanderings. It’s your basic three-ingredient goodness that marries what is to me a very unexpected trio.

Speaking of food blogging, the PeguWife has actually taken the plunge and written her first post here! It’s not about cocktails, but it is about limes, key limes and pies to be exact. And she is my wife, so you will read it!

Also in the food blogging vein, the image I lifted to start this article comes from an old post on the blog Feasting on… Pixels. The fresh lime sorbet she makes in the post, along with its awesome presentation, has all sorts of limey mixological implications. Your extra credit assignment for this month: Play with her idea and report back in the comments!

Dan Chadwick posts his Caipirinha variant, the Old Sao Paolo at kindred cocktails. It’s database format over there, so he takes the unusual step of putting up the MxMo portion as a comment on his own post!

Chris Amirault also has an offering in the eGullet thread. As we all do regularly, Chris rotated out his inventory of white cardamon recently. This month’s MxMo helped him hit on a mixological use for the expiring stuff. A little Tito’s, the cardamon, and a lime later….

Scomorokh, of Science of Drink, brings us two drinks made with a product I’ve never seen before: Lime Liqueur. His Lime Daiquiri picture is one of the prettiest cocktail photos I’ve seen in a good while.

Carly Kocurek brings us a Brown Sugar Basil Mojito at her blog, My Life In Cocktails. I’ve made Basiljitos before, but her version sounds better. The PeguWife will want one with her Key Lime Pie.

Time for another grouping of like-minded thinkers:

Really Marcia? Puns?
Drink of the Week puts de lime in de coconut, ‘n plays wit’ de name. The results look good.

AJR, who sometimes tends bar at Tonic at Quigley’s Pharmacy in Washington, DC (Just added you to the BlogBarCrawl, Anthony!) writes a site named Done Like Dundee, Gone Like Gandhi. He frets that choosing Lime in the Coconut will make him redundant, but if he’d posted 41 minutes earlier, Marcia would be the redundant one. And since their executions are totally different, no worries. It’s not like they were doing Gimlets….

Ed, the Wordsmithing Pantagruel, offers his own Marchetti Falcon for us to try. I like the lime zest garnish, and it meshes thematically with my entry (which is next). And don’t bother rushing to Google to figure out that the heck a “Pantagruel” is, just check Ed’s sidebar.

Speaking of my own entry, behold my tattooed lime wedges. As someone who has admitted in public that he doesn’t always garnish his cocktails, (The CSOWG held hearings. I was allowed to remain a member anyway.) this is as fancy-schmancy as I get.

Dennis, at Rock & Rye, offers excuses for his late post. Then he complains about the syllabus I’ve assigned. After that he vamps a while about the subject matter to make sure his work doesn’t look too short. And he finishes off with stock photography. All this, like his drink the Daiquiri, creates a post “that is altogether greater than the sum of its ingredients.”

Tacoma bar, 1022 South has its own blog. If all blogging bartenders I run across go on the BlogBarCrawl map, blogging bars certainly must! The bar offers us two drinks made with their house-made kava kava tincture, married with both lime juice and the limey goodness of falernum….
I have got to find a client or two in the SeaTac area….

And our final entry is from Chad Robinson, who left this for us in the comments of my announcement post:


  • 2 oz. Pisco
  • Juice of 1/2 a lime
  • Ginger Ale

Fill a tumbler with ice, add in the Pisco and lime juice, top off with ginger ale. Roll it once to blend it nicely. Garnish with lime wedge.

Where’s the picture, Chad?

I want to thank everyone who participated in this month’s lime mayhem (especially those I drafted). Now I must go back to my regular routine of producing my own content, rather than having you all provide it for me.
Be sure to check back at the Mixology Monday website soon for next month’s theme and host announcement, and I hope all you new visitors will come back and visit me again!

  1. Jordan

    22 September

    If you need some LH151, try making a trip out to Portland one of these days. The liquor stores around here seem to have a strategic stockpile of the stuff as no one has run out yet. There’s LH80 too, for those fainter of heart.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  2. Tiare

    22 September

    Nice round-up buddy, but hey..i DID use lime both in the drink and as garnish..but yeah you right,i really wanted to imbibe a potent Mai Tai;-) and as for the LH151..i really think i deserve it since i won it in a TDN and got it delivered to me in Nola this summer by Rick A YEAR later..haha..which i´m now very grateful about since if i`ve had had it a year ago it would have been finished now..and that year passed without LH151 is now forgotten.Thank you Rick for pacing it..

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  3. Jason Phelps

    23 September

    Incredible roundup Doug, love all the humor. This being my first time I didn’t know what to expect and now I find have a long list of drinks to try. Not that I needed any more cocktails to experiment with…

    Thanks for hosting.


      (Quote)  (Reply)

  4. Doug

    23 September

    Thanks guys.
    Jason, come on back next month, and bring more of your wineblogging buds with you!

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  5. Kim

    24 September

    Great round up Doug!

    What an effort. I can only imagine that you spent the better part of your Tuesday reading and writing about cocktails. At least it was time well spent. Who knew there was a gimlet revival underway?

    thanks for hosting!


      (Quote)  (Reply)

  6. Carly Kocurek

    11 October

    A delayed thanks for hosting!

      (Quote)  (Reply)

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