SideBlog: Rainbow Cocktails

Nine differently colored drinks poured from the same shaker. Some serious chemistry at work here, folks. I wonder if they’re actually potable. (video)

  1. Tony Harion

    28 September

    I ran across this video a few days ago.

    Seems that they mix a screw driver kind of drink, ice it up and shake. After they add to the shaker a healthy dose of grenadine (which will sink) and a good portion of blue curaçao (which needs to float*). Don’t stir it anymore, not a bit.

    Just serve and density will do the rest.

    We did a “careless, just for the hell of it” test and it worked pretty much the same.

    *For it to work better we added some vodka to the curaçao to help it float.

    Not that great of a drink but the idea is interesting.

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