AskMen’s Cocktail War Contest

AskMen’s Cocktail War Contest

Above the Post Update: I’m in the finals! You can vote for me here, or you can just Tweet the following: I want @dawinship’s #9 to win the @AskMen_com & @Liquordotcom #CocktailWar

AskMen, the “men’s lifestyle” portal, is running a contest right now, in conjunction with that’s worth a mention.

Hey, Doug!
What’s a “men’s lifestyle portal”?

It’s an online magazine where they have pictures of almost famous pretty women and talk about cars, pretty women, health issues, the health issues of meeting pretty women, clothes, clothes almost on pretty women, cocktails, and pretty women drinking cocktails. They also do lots of product reviews and promotions.

Oh, I see.
In other words, your dream job.

Exactly. And will you two butt out? This was supposed to to be a quick hit post… a glorified SideBlog.

Nothing is brief when we get involved, Doug!

Nothing is brief when YOU get involved, Doug!

Shut up.

Anyway, I find the contest interesting in that it is one of those hybrid contest/buzz creator thingies that use Twitter. The basic idea is for you to tweet your favorite cocktail recipe, and they will choose the top ten. (Here’s my tweet. Betcha can’t guess what drink I suggested!) Then the buzz thing goes on as they watch Twitter and the comments to see who gets the most buzz. The winner will receive the handsome $150 basket of mixological goodies you see above. The process is a bit more involved than that (of course) and you can read how to enter here.

I’ll conclude, with a nod to Rule 5, by noting a lovely convergence of the AskMen subject matter upon the Pegu world. I’m sure your eye will be drawn, as is mine, to the lovely bottles of Cointreau, that essential ingredient in the world’s best cocktail. While the cocktail Miss Dita Von Teese is holding seems a bit red for a Pegu, I’m sure that’s just a color-balance issue….


  1. Cris

    5 October

    Doesn’t have much to do with the subject of your article but just wanted to say that when I was at Tales in July I went to the Dita Von Teese “Cointreauversial” show…..I can tell you that everyone in the audience would have bought any drink she asked you to after that strip tease !! 🙂

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