Prototype: Awesome Juicer

What you see above may be the proverbial “better mousetrap” for either kitchen or bar.
Via Design Milk, I ran across this little gadget, the Citrange juicer. It is a prototype citrus juicer design by a 20 year-old Belgian named Quentin de Coster. The Citrange seems to combine the best aspects of a variety of juicing tools, while obviating some of their biggest drawbacks.
I think most of us mixers use hand squeezer type juicers, because they are fast, moderately efficient, and you can squeeze your juice right into your measuring cup or mixing tin. But the squeezers don’t get the maximum juice out of your fruit under the best of circumstances, and if you use the wrong fruit in the wrong juicer (i.e. a lime in your orange squeezer or vice versa) you’ll get even less of the good stuff, so you need several of the things cluttering up your bar.
The option more usually preferred by foodies and their cocktailian fellow travelers is a reamer. Reamers, whether hand-held or dish-style will all get a lot more juice from your fruit than squeezers. But they also produce a lot more pulp. I’ll usually put up with the the minimal floaters produced with my squeezers, but I would have to strain all the time if I used a reamer. Reamers also take a lot longer to produce that additional juice. And you have to use a large enough container to catch the messily extracted juice that it probably can’t have the measurements of less than an ounce that we need for making drinks, which means another dish to clean after making a single damn Pegu.
Hand-held reamers are messy, whereas the dish-style ones require you (like the squeezers) to have different sized models for different fruit.

de Coster’s Citrange appears to eliminate nearly every compromise I’ve outlined above. It’s juicing action comes from a reamer, so it is very effective. The dual end shape should allow you to juice fruits of various sizes and shapes, from limes to grapefruit, with only one unit. The juice passes down through the center of the device, rather than over the edge of the fruit or dish like traditional reamers, so you can juice right into your mixing tin or measuring cup. (I’d have to experiment with one to see if you could use it with with the essential OXO Mini Measure, but I can hope.) He claims a filter is in place here to capture seeds, though I don’t see one in his pictures. Either he added it later, or the hole is small enough to catch the larger seeds.
I wrote Quentin about the Citrange. It is still a design prototype, but he tells me he is working with manufacturers to get it into production. When he does, I’m sure going to buy one and see if it works nearly as well as it looks like it should!


  1. DJ HawaiianShirt

    13 October

    Yeah, I mostly squeeze by hand or with a reamer. I find that when juicing in bulk, though, my hands get really bad cramps. The more and more I think about it, the more I realize that I want to buy one of these, which is why I try not to think about it too much:

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  2. Frederic

    13 October

    Our Juicester (plastic reamer over a measuring cup of sorts) does a good job of reaming and has some crude straining aspect to it.

    This one looks cool in that you can use your own glassware such that you can juice a bunch of citrus types with less effort. Well, you can with the one we have but you have to pour it out and start again.

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  3. Cris

    13 October

    I would love to try this one !! Seeing as how I squeeze dozens of citrus fruits per night, I am always looking for the best tools out there. The only problem I see is that you would get your hands pretty messy as opposed to the handheld juicers that if done right you can keep your hands dry.

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  4. Juicer Land

    21 July

    Amazing. This solves so many problems for me, as I’m an avid juice drinker. I use a proper fruit press, but sometimes when you are on holiday, you can’t always make your own fresh juice. This certainly solves the issues I have with what is already on the market, as in messy hand juicers, like the Philip Stark orange squeezer.

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