SideBlog: The Fresh-Squeezed Juice Myth

SideBlog: The Fresh-Squeezed Juice Myth

The Fresh-Squeezed Juice Myth. This is a nothing burger of a test. If you want to challenge conventional wisdom, invite RealLime to the party….

  1. Jordan

    27 October

    I have a tendency to cheat a bit and freeze my leftover juice. Especially with grapefruits and oranges, there’s more from one fruit than I can use in a night unless I’m having a cocktail party. For I freeze 0.5 oz portions in an ice cube tray and defrost them when needed. The orange juice seems to come out a little worse for wear, both otherwise it’s usually pretty serviceable.

    Now I wonder how hand-squeezed, frozen and defrosted juices would fare in that taste test.

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  2. Doug Ford

    28 October

    Now I’ll have to try this experiment myself. This will take a lot of Daiquiris. And Pegus!

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