The TSA’s New Policy Hits Roger Federer

The TSA’s New Policy Hits Roger Federer

With the vagaries of my business schedule, I haven’t had to travel by plane to kill anyone since the controversial new TSA policies came into effect. My grace period ends after Thanksgiving when I fly to Houston, so I’ve had it on my mind.

Lindt Chocolate Company is really very lucky. They did an ad earlier this year with Roger Federer, which most people haven’t seen since it only runs during tennis events. It was funny when they did it. Now that the TSA procedure manual is starting to read like a Linda Blair prison movie script, it seems not only more funny, but also prescient. I wonder if it will start getting play beyond Tennis Channel

(There’s a 30 second version that’s a little tighter, but less effective in light of recent events.)

I’ll update if anything happens on my next trip, but somehow I don’t think I present the same motivation as the Fed….


  1. Frederic

    24 November

    Flying out of Chicago after visiting Andrea’s family, we had the security guy “needed to investigate” the foil wrapped chocolates for security purposes. After he ate one, he told me it was about hunger, not security.

    He luckily did not check out my ass like in the video.

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  2. Doug

    24 November

    As with mine, I’m thinking it’s a safe bet your ass is not quite in the Fed’s league….

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