Cocktail Trends for 2011

Kara Newman, author of Spice & Ice, posts a her list of 11 Cocktail & Spirit Trends for 2001.

I doubt #2 (At least in 2011). I fully expect #5. I hope for #9. And I’m afraid she may be right with #8.

Go read.


  1. Jordan

    19 December

    Yeah. No on #2 (unemployment is far too high to start flaunting yet), I doubt the flame-out of tiki is that imminent (again with the bad economy, escapism isn’t a bad idea), and I hope not on #4 (seriously, I just want a good drink). Huitlacoche cocktails would definitely say that things had been taken too far, but more bitters, whiskey (and rum), and other sweeteners (again with the tiki) are all well and good.

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  2. DavidS

    15 February

    Doug — I’ll still be here to share a tiki drink with you. I think it’s one of the few areas of drink where Liberace-like excess is expected. I don’t want miniature corn cobs in my martini, but garnish my Krakatoa with a fire-breathing monkey that juggles pop rocks and I’m there! Then again, Trader Vic’s has many a badly made drink on their menu.

    If bartenders continue to over-complicate things, tikis may be the perfect medium.

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