Tequila and New Year’s

Hey all!

I’ve been out of town for the holidays, thus the absence of the usual frivolity the last few weeks. To celebrate my return, and in advance of actual, substantive postings….


Well, what passes for substantive from me.

Anyway, in advance of what I’ve got coming up, I’ll just give you this photographic evidence of conclusions reached by actual scientific study done this last New Year’s Eve. It seems that tequila modifies perceptions….

(Click to enlarge. This was sent to me by my brother, who must have clipped it from some scientific journal.)


  1. Jason

    5 January

    Happy New Year.

    I used your grandfather’s regents punch recipe for a new year’s eve party with friends. I was a success will all who attended, both those with and without “experienced palates”. Thanks for posting the recipe.

    I should note that I did make one change to the recipe in that I mixed 2:1 sparkling wine to stock, as I thought 3:1 cause the complex flavors of the stock to be overwhelmed by the sparkling wine.

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    • Doug

      6 January

      Glad it went well. 2:1 wine to stock and ANY party is going to go well….

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  2. Jason

    5 January

    Sorry, that should be your great-grandfather’s recipe.

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