There is NOTHING Cocktails Can’t Do!

There is NOTHING Cocktails Can’t Do!

Via the Twitter feed of Drunken Scientists, where I get all my science news, comes a story that merely confirms what I have believed for years: There is just nothing that cocktails cannot do!
After all, we know by now that drinks are good for the heart. Drinking causes weight loss. Red wine can improve your digestion. Drinking reduces the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes. Drinks may help stave off Alzheimer’s. Drinking and monogamy go together, too. Drinking can even improve the chances of public employees going above and beyond the call of duty. (This apparently does no apply to New York City and environs during snow emergencies….)

But this, my friends, is some serious stuff! Dr. Yoshihiko Takano in Japan believes he has discovered that alcohol can turn a certain substance, an alloy of iron and tellurium, into a room temperature superconductor. Not only that, but wine and spirits actually do a better job of this than pure alcohol. Best of all, he got the idea from a cocktail party he had!
Not only have cocktails given us room-temperature superconductors, they even gave us the idea of how to make said superconductors.

As I said, this is in fact serious stuff. If you aren’t familiar with the things practical room-temperature superconductors will one day let us do, it’s amazing stuff. Superconductors could give us vastly more efficient power generation. Perhaps more importantly, they could make power transmission lossless over great distances. This could transform wind power and certain solar generation avenues into actual, practical power solutions, instead of the pork- and graft-addled technologies they are today, absent such transmission capacity. And the things you can do with magnets and superconductors are straight out of science fiction…


“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to have flying trains.”—Stuff Franklin Said, Third Edition

I don’t know if this actually is going to pan out or not. I hope it does. But we all should raise a glass to Dr. Takano for advancing the cause of science via the Ace Of Spades Lifestyle™!


As a final word, don’t take my light-hearted list of the health benefits of booze too heartily. I left the word “moderation” out, and it is (as with most things) the difference between Good For You and Bad For You. If you’d like to see the sheer volume of research that indicates alcohol helps our lives, try this gigantic web page. Bookmark the URL and send it to all your neo-prohibitionist acquaintances.


  1. Jordan

    15 January

    Well, the article is a bit over-hyped as 7.8 kelvin isn’t exactly room temp. But it’s still a neat result. It’ll be interesting to see what comes out once they do some more testing and narrow down what it is in the wine and beer that help the reaction to proceed.

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  2. Doug

    16 January

    I noticed that, and hyped it further, because, well, I wanted to have fun with it.

    That said, yes, he needs to experiment with what kind of drink works best.

    Me, I’m guessing they’ll finally come to rest on a ratio of 3 parts gin, 1 part cointreau, 1 part lime juice, and trace elements of Angostura Bitters…..

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