Tiki Accessory: Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

Tiki Accessory: Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

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(One of a kind Tiki vessel,
from ElizabethJeanCreations on Etsy)

During a recent trip to Houston to kill somebody, I picked up a nifty little set of bar accessories: a pack of four Stainless Steel Drinking Straws.
I’m writing about them now, during Tiki month, for a couple of reasons. You almost never use straws with the sort of drinks I usually serve, and even with those few that you could, I prefer the cool feel of glass against the lips. But Tiki drinks usually demand a straw, especially when you are using a nifty ceramic sculpture of some kind to drink from. And while stainless steel may not be a really authentic Tiki material… well, you need to have pretty big (possibly stainless steel) balls to get too huffy about “authenticity” when talking about Tiki!

The straws are bent and ribbed at the bend to resemble your kids’ straws. They are very sturdy, and easy to clean, especially if you do it right after drinking. And while I bought them on a lark, the PeguWife and I have decided that they actually provide a superior drinking experience to plastic. The straws themselves are as cold as the drink, and this cold hardness restores some of the sensation of the rim of a glass to your lips.
Expect to see them in a bunch of pictures over the next four weeks!


  1. Frederic

    3 February

    The spoon straws (same company) are also great. Beside the spoon end to scoop out last bits of fruit or what have you, the spoon will function as a good swizzle stick for mixing (they lack a bend like the ones you posted) in a 2-for-1 bit of action.

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  2. industrial kid

    13 September

    Thanks for keeping me entertained

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    17 December

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