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I was reminded by some comments today of something I’d planned to do at the start of Tiki Month, but forgot about. It’s about drinking vessels of all types, not just Tiki mugs. I try (sometimes not very hard) to produce cool illustrations to go with many of my posts (sometimes not very successfully). Other bloggers do a hugely better job than I.
Further, as I surf other bloggers’ sites and look at their drink photos, I often find myself as much interested in the container as I am in the drink. And there are few things more frustrating than looking at a gorgeous cocktail glass and having no idea of what it is, who makes it, and where I could get for my own.

You get this sensation too, don’t you? See, I feel your pain.

So I am going to start including a brief description of glasses or Tiki mugs that I photograph. It’ll include a link to wherever I can find that carries it, so you can get your own if you like.
In the event I can find it on Amazon, I’ll always link there. This is because if you follow my link to Amazon and then buy, I get a small commission at no expense to you. Consider it hitting my tip jar. If I can’t find it on Amazon, I’ll give whatever advice I can.

Here’s what it’ll look like:

Hot Java Lava Tiki Mug
Booga Booga!
(Hot Lava Java Tiki Mug: available from )

As I get a chance, I’ll go back through old posts and add this info as I can, starting with the post people were asking about.


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