Happy Fourth of July!!

Happy American Independence Day, all!
Lots of blogs, newspapers, and magazines have posts up about a specific cocktail to celebrate the Fourth with…

Bunk, I say! This is Independence Day, Americans. Choose your own damn cocktail, that suits your own damn fancy. I will offer the suggestion that you might want to make sure your libation of choice be a cocktail (the national cuisine of America), and that you might want to lean toward one made with bourbon (our national spirit, and a creation of freedom-loving, tax-hating immigrants). Of course, if you want to celebrate with a Pegu, that creation of the British Empire, well I won’t stop you.
But today, I drink bourbon.

It is traditional on Independence Day to offer thirteen toasts to the Union, but I couldn’t find thirteen entertaining ones, and don’t have time to compose my own. Instead I present this two million hit video. It is stirring, beautiful, hilarious, and a bit crazed—Just like America.

  1. Jordan

    4 July

    On the other hand, to be more Colonial, rum would be rather appropriate. And it’s arguable that taxes and restrictions on shipping molasses played a rather large part in convincing the early Americans that they would be better off without the Crown.

    But either way, enjoy what’s in your glass, whatever it might be.

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    • Doug

      4 July

      Rum is certainly older. Older, in fact, than the idea of colonial independence. It also certainly figures, for well and for woe, in the formation of America. But I argue that it is not a product of America, whereas Bourbon certainly is.

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  2. Jordan

    5 July

    Wound up just going for both. El Dorado 15 Year and Elijah Craig 12 Year are a mighty fine way to salute the anniversary of our country’s independence.

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