SideBlog: Cointreau is Running a Pretty Sweet Cont...

SideBlog: Cointreau is Running a Pretty Sweet Contest

Cointreau is running a contest right now to win a trip to Paris and to their distillery in Angers. I need to win this one myself to see: A} where half my booze money goes, and B} if they have any male heirs eligible to marry one of my daughters when the time comes.

  1. Jordan

    5 August

    Make your own orange liqueur! Doesn’t cost more than some everclear, a bit of brandy, some orange peel and kumquats if you feel like it. You can also tweak the base spirit a bit. I made a batch with rhum agricole that’s pretty tasty.

    But either way, totally entering that contest. Grad students don’t make enough money to take proper vacations.

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  2. Sorry, Doug, but I’m going to win! 🙂

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