SIdeBlog: This Almost Makes Me Want To Drink Red W...

SIdeBlog: This Almost Makes Me Want To Drink Red Wine

This almost makes me want to drink red wine…. The Trevi Aerating Wine Glass. (H/T: Likecool)

  1. Wine Shopper

    14 October

    A wine aerator is a devise that allows air (oxygen) to mix into the wine as it flows over or through the aerator.
    Wine aerators come in several styles and use different methods to accomplish aeration. The most common is the injection-style hand-held acrylic aerators. In-bottle and decanter top aerators are also popular. Catching sediment as well as aeration of wine is best accomplished with Sieve-style decanter top funnels. Aerators are made from food grade safe-plastic or glass, decanter top aerators are usually stainless steel. With the Trevi Aerating Wine Decanter aerator insert and decanter set, you can easily aerate and intensify the flavors of your favorite wines.

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