Instructional Video: The Mojito

Disclaimer: Hard as it may be for you to believe, the bartender in this video is not me.

It’s not me either!

As a final, pre-Tiki Month post, I thought I’d feature the latest in a sea of how-to-make-a-drink videos gracing the Internet from all sorts of sources. This one is for an almost Tiki drink, the mighty Mojito.
Most how-to-make-a-drink videos are largely ignored by those of us in the “serious” cocktailosphere. A few become viral sensations, usually whenever they catch the fancy of the Godfather. If you haven’t read Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s, um, reviews of this Daiquiri video or this Caipirinha video, follow the links.
…After you watch this one.

The instructions here are pretty rock solid, actually. Follow them and you’ll get a classic Mojito. The muddling technique too looks pretty good, though I confess I’ve never heard of the rum used.

I really only have one question: Are they real?

The ice cubes, I mean.

The outfit that did this one, EyeHandy, has 41 videos in total like this. All actually are pretty solid how-tos, within the limits of any 90-second video format. The instructors are all similar, too….

I’ll embed one more video…

Because he can!

Yes. And to illustrate my point about EyeHandy’s reference library. Also, I’ve always wanted to do some gun-blogging.
So here you go. How-To Field Strip and Clean a Glock With Ashley:

Don’t forget!
Tiki Month starts tomorrow!

  1. Jordan

    1 February

    At least this is better than the bar you went to where they managed to mess up your neat scotch.

    And yay Tiki Month!

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