Tiki Month: Follow Friday of Tiki Tweeters

Tiki Month: Follow Friday of Tiki Tweeters

An unintentional Tiki Twitter logo by kamrif89.

Over in Twitter land, where I often waste entirely too much time, they have a concept called Follow Friday. It is a sort of institutionalized Rule 2 movement, wherein on any Friday that you feel like it, you tweet the addresses of other Tweeters who you recommend to others. I thought that I’d double up the concept this first Friday in Tiki Month with a blog post Follow Friday, giving the Twitter addresses of those Tiki-oriented folk I follow. If they have a (remotely) Tiki-oriented blog, I’m completing the Rule 2 circle by linking that as well.

Joe Garcia. “The most brilliant screenwriter not working in Hollywood these days” has a deep Tiki streak in him.
His blog, Basic Civilization, isn’t a Tiki blog, but it is well worth reading for assorted lifestlye musings.

Critiki. This feed keeps you up to date on any updates to the world’s best site to find and rate the resurging world of Tiki temples bars.

Critiki is curated by Tiki goddess Humuhumu. Among her other Tiki sites, she also sparingly blogs at Humu Kon Tiki.

Among his other entertaining characteristics, Snikitiki has managed to live long enough to actually be older than dirt me.

DJ Hawaiian Shirt isn’t really a Tiki blogger. But he does know his stuff when the occasion warrants, and he certainly dresses the part.

The Fezmonger is always an interesting follow. And he mongs, er, makes the weirdest premium fezzes you can imagine.

Doctor Bamboo. Charter member of the Board of Tiki Idols. Official Illustrator of the Cocktailosphere™. Occasional but very skilled blogger. (I’ll be in trouble if I don’t also tell you to follow his wife, the BambooBabe.)

SpiritedGeek. I started following Joby when he Tweeted as TikiGeeki. He’s changed his handle ’cause he thinks he’s grown or something. There is no escaping Tiki Month, Geek!

EmeTiki. This is one serious Tiki connoisseur. She does need to blog more, though.

MikeMonello. Mike loves his Tiki, but most of his tweets, like mine, range all over the place.

LetsTiki. One of the purest Tiki bloggers and Tweeters. How he gets all this knowledge in the not-exactly-Tiki-Mecca of Wisconsin, I don’t know.

ColonelTiki. Old-school cocktail blogger and owner of kicking home Tiki bar. He protects his feed, so you must be privileged to follow him or something. (He’ll probably ban me for promoting his feed.)

DrTiki. Jeff Macpherson is the mad genius behind the seminal TikiBarTV. He’s sort of moved on, but he’s still worth a follow for the Tikiphile. Also, don’t forget TikiJohnny and TikiLala.

Tiare62. One of the first bloggers who got me into this “art form”. Also a charter member of the Pegu Blog Board of Tiki Idols. She writes A Mountain of Crushed Ice in a completely not incongruous location for Tiki, Scandinavia….

Trader Ti… BG_Reynolds. Another of the old school bloggers who started out back in the day. He’s gone and made a successful business out of making Tiki ingredients. You need his stuff, and should go order some right now so you can have it before Tiki Month is over. Start with some orgeat, and maybe some falernum.

UPDATE: I can’t believe I forgot KaiserPenguin, the undisputed king of garnishes. Oh wait, now I remember, he hasn’t tweeted or blogged in months…. Get on the stick, Rick!

Oh, and last: DAWinship. That’s me. You might also want to subscribe to my RSS feed, to keep up with all the festivities this month and beyond!

There are some other Tiki folks I follow, but their are for the most part manufacturers, and I’ll be featuring them in the SideBlog as Tiki Month goes by.


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