Elsewhere for Tiki Month: It’s Always Tiki M...

Elsewhere for Tiki Month: It’s Always Tiki Month for Tiare

Over at A Mountain of Crushed Ice, Cocktailosphere legend Tiare is on board with Tiki Month. While I smile and am happy to take credit when any blogger joints the Tiki Month bandwagon, I must admit that I deserve no credit on this one. Every month is pretty much Tiki Month for Tiare. I view her as one of the very best pure drink bloggers out there. For years now, she has produced great content, and has done so in a constant stream of regular updates. Her posts are fun to read and always illustrated with appetizing photos of appetizingly garnished cocktails. And most (but not all) of her work is Tiki… no matter what the month.

She hops on the Tiki Month bandwagon this year with a reprise of her home-made nutmeg syrup. She comes up with two very different original cocktails to employ it too. While both drinks are quite Tiki in feel and appearance, they are quite different and illustrate how widely varied Tiki drinks really are. I want you to go read the post to find out about each, but I am going to steal one photo from it to show you here, because I am very jealous of this mug:


  1. Tiare

    6 February

    Jeeez…when i saw this post i first said to myself “Do i dare to read this?? but as it turned out you had only nice things to say so i say mahalo! as for that black mug i found it on EBay years ago but that mug is quite common, i have the ones in transparent glass too. There is also some other colors, so go for a hunt! As for new mugs i want that new Tiki Tini from Tiki Farm, especially the brown one.

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