Update: Beachbum Berry’s Tiki+

I seem to have caused a brief Twitter panic the other day when I mentioned that I had found a new version of Beachbum Berry’s lickety-awesome iPhone App, Tiki+, that had not automatically uploaded onto my iPhone. I got a lot of “What?” “Wait!” and “Why wasn’t I informed?”. Along with a few tweets impugning my iOS-fu that will be remembered, @JohnTheBastard….

Tiki+ has been since its introduction one of the very top iPhone apps for cocktails of any kind. I reviewed it long ago, and it has been a fixture and regularly used app on my iPhone ever since.

At some point, however, the app was updated for iPad compatibility. It also has a new icon with a blue background and a longer name, Beachbum Berry’s Tiki+. It now costs $3.99, and is worth every penny if you love Tiki drinks at all. For a detailed explanation of why the new app is a distinct and separate app from the old, and thus was not upgraded automatically, read this. The long and short of it is that the old app maker went the way of all flesh, and a new company eventually released this version. It mostly looks the same but is technically a different app. Both apps are chock full of the same share of the Bum’s awesomeness.

If you have not heard of Tiki+, this app contains most, but sadly not all, of the cocktail recipes from the Bum’s Remixed, with a few more in there form Sippin’ Safari and Taboo Table, I think. The search function is very robust, allowing searches for both drink names or ingredients from the same search box. Each recipe page offers a vintage picture of the drink, and some background information on it. In addition, each ingredient is hot-linked to its own reference page, so if you do not know what Pimento Dram is, you have a fighting chance of figuring it out.
A major upgrade, as far as I’m concerned, in the new version is the addition of a notes field, where you can keep a record of any tweaks you’ve made to the recipe that you think make it work better for you. Every cocktail app should have this feature. There are also twenty four additional recipes and a larger help section. And the graphics look better on the iPhone and are awesome on your iPad.

Anyway, check your Tiki+ app on your phone. If the background of the icon is red, run, don’t walk to the iPhone App Store and search for “Beachbum Berry’s Tiki+“. If you are reading this post on this blog in this month, you need it.

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