What the Heck is Ooga-Mooga?

If you are going to get into Tiki to any extent at all, you ought to know about Ooga-Mooga. Presided over by The Keepress of the Tiki Flame, Humuhumu, Ooga-Mooga is the online resource for Tiki mugs, bowls, and other drinkware. It is not really a place to buy Tiki mugs, though there are currently over 500 mugs available to buy, and over 1,100 available for trade on the site. It is instead at its heart a place for Tiki-philes to record and showcase their collections of Tiki drinkware, etc.

He’s for sale, if you want him….

But Ooga-Mooga is more valuable than just that. (And once you buy your first Tiki mug, your collection will grow. Mine sure has, though I just don’t know how… I think the little bastards are simply fertile.) There are a number of tools and doodads on the site that let it do a number of things for you. Among the best features is the way Ooga-Mooga can help you identify a mug you’ve seen, and if one isn’t available for sale or trade on the site itself, you can at least learn enough to go looking for it elsewhere, since Googling “That mug I saw at Steve’s friend’s apartment last month with the volcano” seldom yields much success….

I found the mug above by searching Oooga-Mooga’s search engine for items that were gray, and had volcano imagery. (Unfortunately there is no field to say that you saw it at Steve’s friend’s apartment) It is a Frankie’s Tiki Room Bombora’s Blast Mug, and you can learn all about it on its main Ooga-Mooga page which tells you it can be found in 44 different collections on the site. You will also find that none of them are currently offered for sale or trade by collectors on the site, which is understandable because this mug is awesome. But the page will also tell you that mugs of this design are seen regularly on eBay, and lists the latest auctions for it. This part of each page will also list any other places people have seen the design for sale.
Many current, mass-produced mugs will have neither any for sale or trade on Ooga-Mooga, nor any eBay auctions listed. But in these cases, there is enough good info to Google with to find them in regular retail outlets.

I never knew there was a Tiki mug based on my father….

There is also a web app for when you hit the flea markets, trolling for mugs. And if you let mug collecting get under your skin, you will hit the flea markets….

Of, course, they may hit you back….

You can get a full statistical run-down of the mugs on Ooga-Mooga here, but I’ll highlight some stats to give you an idea of the size of the database. There are 760 collections online, and if you were having a party and wanted to fill each mug listed at the same time, you would need 1,778.9 gallons of Zombies to do it. I think we should try, since it would probably require buying enough Lemon Hart 151 to buy Ed Hamilton a new boat.

Bigger than this one.

If all the Tiki Month pictures around here have you hankering to learn more about Tiki Mugs of all sorts, check out Ooga-Mooga.

The Surgeon General has determined that Tiki mugs are addicting!


  1. Tiare

    12 February

    You are right, tiki mugs are addictive..! still my own collection is surprisingly small for someone like me, but that`s mainly bec i`m stuck at the end of the earth in the grey wasteland and don`t get them so easily and shipping is expensive.So i get them one by one – slowly…

    Ooha Mooga is really a fantastic site! I`d have a collection there too if i only had more mugs!

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