Tiki Month Around the Web: Cocktail Virgin and the...

Tiki Month Around the Web: Cocktail Virgin and the Kon-Tini

Fred Yarm, of Cocktail Virgin Slut (@CocktailVirgin) is one of today’s hardest working cocktail bloggers. For more than two years now he has averaged much more than a post a day. (And his pace was no slouch before that.) Virtually all his posts are straight-forward documentations of a cocktail he has made or had made for him, with an always good, sometimes fantastic, photograph of same. The only gripe I have with his blog is that it is on Blogger so there is no good search engine on site. When he finally migrates all those posts to a more powerful blogging platform, Fred will have one of the more extensive and useful cocktail references anywhere on the web.

I’ll bet there’s an App developer somewhere in Boston, Fred, who could turn all this work into an app of some kind. I know it might be hard to find one, since there’s no high-tech there and all….

As Tiki Month kicked off, Fred offered up a Demerara-palooza of a Tiki drink, and a Beachbum Berry original, the Kon-Tini. He’s kinda cruel, in that the recipe calls for Lemon Hart 80, which you can’t buy in the US for now. But I know a guy who has some informed thoughts on how to fake it.


  1. Frederic

    14 February

    The search engine on Blogger (top left corner) is powered by Google and seems sufficient. The tags are helpful but unfortunately you cannot select two of them at a time. For that and other more advanced searches, I actually use google itself and use a “site:URL” tag.

    What hasn’t the Blogger search engine been able to do for you?

    Oh, and thanks for featuring me!

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  2. Frederic

    14 February

    Also, besides LH80 supplies drying up, I cannot find ED5 or 8 year. This weekend, I did spot “El Dorado Dark Rum” which lacks an age associated with it and my guess is that the darkness is probably a bit more artificial. It has the same packaging as the “El Dorado White Rum” which is more of a cheaper well rum than the El Dorado 3 Year (which I can still find sometimes around here). The older ED line (12/15/18/21) is still available.

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  3. Doug

    14 February


    I always used to get polluted results from lots of other blogs when I used it in the past on other blogs. I’ve just gotten to ignore the blogger search function. And I hate doing all the Google-fu gyrations to limit searches. My point was that you have far too huge a library not to have a more dumbass-friendly search function.

    And I’ve never had ED5 or 8. I can get the 12 here in Ohio easily, I think (at least I several bottles of it). It’s what I use for regular proof dark demerara. And I mail order the ED3 regularly.

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  4. Frederic

    14 February

    Using the search that is in the upper left hand corner of the blog has never given me a spurious result. Don’t know what it was like in the past or on other blogs, but it seems pretty solid.

    ED3 used to be $13, disappeared recently, and returned as a $15 rum (DrinkUpNY has the list as $20). I guess no different than LH151 being $20 and returning as a $30+ rum.

    ED 5/8 were in the $20 range but lack the intrigue I have with LH80. Plus, that’s only $5-10 cheaper than the 12 year which is a more solid rum.

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  5. Doug

    15 February

    I do like the ED12, but I don’t think it is quite the gem the LH80 was/is.

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  6. Dagreb

    28 January


    I for one have always had success using the search on Cocktail Virgin Slut.
    Searching on the Pegu Blog on the other hand…

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