Tiki Timeout: Alcohol, Is There Nothing It CanR...

Tiki Timeout: Alcohol, Is There Nothing It Can’t Do?

A brief pause in this month’s special all-Tiki activity for some News You Can Use: Alcohol consumption can boost your creativity.

As my blog idol Instapundit says, “Is there nothing it can’t do?”

A new communication in the journal Consciousness and Cognition entitled “Uncorking the Muse: Alcohol Intoxication Facilitates Creative Problem Solving” relates to us the results of a new study at the University of Chicago that in creative problem solving tests, subjects intoxicated to just under the legal limit were more effective is completing the task than those who were sober.

I repeat, Liquid Creativity: Is there nothing booze can’t do?

Also, in the interests of full-disclosure and blowing my own horn, in the seventh grade, when I won a National Championship in creative problem solving, we were not using these performance-enhancing drugs….

H/T to my local FOX/ABC news affiliate: WTTE/WSYX


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