Fun With Time-Lapse

This didn’t come out as well as I had hoped, but I’ll share it anyway. I used my DLSR to do a time-lapse video of several stages of my Tiki transformation of my basement bar, as discussed in these Tiki Month posts, Basement Bar Design #9: Tiki Bars and This Year’s Final Exam. Specifically, I will note that the video does not include the changes in lighting I made, as those frames ended up looking so dark they weren’t worth it. Still it’s fun and illustrative of what I did, so here it is!

{Larger version available at YouTube}


  1. Frederic

    28 February

    Nice video! Although I have a feeling the time you spent decorating is nothing compared to the amount of time you spent crushing ice, juicing, and making syrups…

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  2. Doug

    28 February


    You might be surprised. I got 20 pounds of crushed ice from my fish monger a couple of hours before the party. It took about an hour for Tony and I to juice everything. And the only syrups and nectars I made were Passionfruit, guava, simple, and grenadine. I guess if you include going to the airport for produce, the time gets close to even with the decorating.

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