Can of Worms, Camper Has Your Opener

Oh dear.
One of the most pointless controversies on the internet is the battle of over which spelling of whisky is the correct one. (See what I just did there?) You get the die-hards on each side of the Great Brown Liquor E Divide, each claiming their spelling is the “real” one, and then both are slapped around by the pedants with their “rules” about geographic origin, etc. More pixels have been pointlessly flipped on and off on the subject of whether whisky is spelt “whisky” or “whiskey” than on any other meaningless distinction except the one between Pinnacle and Three Olives.

But you don’t become a blogger if you aren’t amused by pointless controversies, so I was delighted to see Camper English of Alcademics and take this one and jamb the knob to 11.

Don’t go feeling superior, reader!
You don’t start reading blogs if you aren’t attracted to meaningless controversy either!

You see, there also a distinction between the plurals of the two spellings. The plural of whisky is whiskies, and the plural of whiskey is whiskeys. Camper didn’t know this until he stumbled upon it. I didn’t know it until I read it from him. It is likely a legion of internet trolls and spelling nazis didn’t know it until now either.
But now they do.
Someone, somewhere, has just added this to his list of things to watch for, and make sure are corrected forthwith in every occurrence. So, fellow bloggers, better mind your ies and eys, or you will. be. set. straight!

Now, as I wrote shortly ago, we don’t have the same density of internet-obsessive compulsives monitoring cocktail blogs as other fora have. Nevertheless, this is just one more thing for that type to latch onto, bringing us just one step closer to critical mass… and the sweet traffic levels that would accompany it. Thanks, Camper!


  1. Joe

    19 March

    I use “whisk(e)y” because that’s just the kind of SOB I am.

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