Legally, Cachaça is No Longer Rum

The wheels of government grind ever on, and often in the wrong direction. But every once in a great while they do eventually get where they ought to go. For instance, through a trade agreement with Brazil, the United States has agreed to recognize the category of Cachaça as a trade designation, in return for Brazil recognizing our definition of Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskeys.

I wrote extensively on the background of these negotiations, and the efforts in support of them by major cachaça brand, Leblon. Leblon has had a great deal of fun with the process, and apparently sold a great deal of fire-water along the way. In fact, I’m wondering what the heck Leblon will do to promote its product, now that they have won their “insurgent campaign”….

I note the slowness of the government’s movement on this only because the post I reference above, wherein the deal already seemed done, was written in 2009.


  1. That’s about time really…

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  2. Doug

    1 May

    Tony Harion,
    No kidding.

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  3. In your previous article concerning this subject you insinuated that a Deputy Treasury Secretary had not been confirmed because the Obama administration hadn’t found one, but if I’m not mistaken, I think the reason was because the nominee was being needlessly blocked, among dozens of others, by Congressional Republicans. I could be wrong, as I’m not certain.

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  4. Will the legal intricacies again block something good that is not produced in US? We are talking about free trade for years, it is time we consider it seriously so that there can be more inter related businesses around the world and growth.

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  5. Sydney Kart

    6 September

    Inreseting article.The biggest thing that separates cachaça from rum or rhum is the requirement that it be distilled to no more than 54% ABV.‘Rum’ was first created 100 years later in the Caribbean.Cachaca is a product of cane juice.In Brazil, there is Cachaça – which comes from Brazil – and then there is Rum – which comes from the Caribbean.

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