Time For Tiki Month 2013!

Blue Tiki head
“On your marks, get set….”
Source: Rusty at Laughing Squid

Well folks, it is that time of the year once again. Time to look out at snow and dreary skies and mud. Time to glumly assess which coat to put on every stinking time you hit the door to outside. Time to be well and truly sick of all this freaking darkness every night and too much of what should be daytime….

Time to don festive, floral, short-sleeved shirts! Time to listen to drum-filled exotic music. Time to close your eyes and feel warm tropical breezes. Time to push all that darkness into corners with torchlight.

Time to savor luscious, sweet and/or savory, mysterious concoctions from ridiculously over the top, handcrafted vessels!

In short, it is time to buy our tickets to the South Fauxcific. It is Tiki Month, 2013 edition!

The blog is all redecorated. We are indeed ready to go.

This year, I am going for more advanced decorations in the Pegu Lounge, and intend to have them up for the entire month. I’ll show off my hopefully awesome results here in the next few days.

I’ll have the usual assortment of drinks for us to try, though perhaps fewer this time round than before. My bucket list of classic drinks I really want to try is getting mostly checked off. If you have suggestions, or better yet, creations of your own that you’d like me to make, then write up, please let me know!

I am in the market for one or two new, really kicking, Aloha shirts. As an avid fan of Hawaii 5-0, I am always seeing awesome shirts on that show, but can never find that sort online. Consider this a bleg for leads on some cool high-quality shirts in subtle florals with no brown tones.

For all my blogger buddies, current or new, if you get on the Tiki bandwagon and post on any subject under the thatched faux Polynesian umbrella this month, be sure to make sure I see it, so I can link you!

Finally, I’m trying to upgrade my Tiki hospitality efforts in meatspace this year, to be outlined in the next post. If you live in Columbus, or plan on visiting this month, pay attention!

Hang in and join me for all the fun folks. It is Tiki Month!

Because, screw Winter….

And hey! This post is part of Tiki Month 2013 here at the Pegu Blog! Be sure to look around for LOTS more Tiki stuff all February!


  1. Tiare

    1 February

    Tiki month always lights up february for me…even though it´s tiki month all year in my home and on my blog – but when it´s tiki month on this blog…it´s something special.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  2. Craig Hochscheid

    2 February

    I, for one, welcome our new Tiki overloards.

      (Quote)  (Reply)

  3. Tony Harion

    4 February

    It’s about time again!!

    Just in time for Carnaval here in Brazil.

    I might get me a tiki idol costume after all…

    Happy Tiki Month!

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