A Tiki Month Original: The FM from Fogged in Loung...

A Tiki Month Original: The FM from Fogged in Lounge

Fogged in Lounge's FM
I’d like to thank Rowan, in the sense that he is one of my fellow bloggers who is helping turn this year’sTiki Month into something of a month-long, slow-rolling, Mixology Monday-type blog carnival.

I’d also like to thank Rowan, in the sense of “Thank you sooooo very much for this festive earworm you’ve given me!” in his latest effort.

Yeah, he calls this drink the FM. And yeah, it’s good. It is a nicely musky mix of grapefruit and chocolate that makes a very effective drink for after-dinner relaxation. It also gives me a use for that aging bottle of creme de cacao I’ve been storing.

Sip an FM, and you’ll endure no static at all. And now hopefully I’ve gotten rid of the worm by inflicting it on you. Be sure you follow the link to check the recipe, and Rowan’s far classier, less garishly Tiki photo.

Oh, and enlarge my photo to see how I embedded a paper umbrella stem in a solid block of ice; a metaphor for trying to jam an icepick in my ear to remove Steely Dan….

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