A Tiki Original From CocktailChem: Suit, Tie, and ...

A Tiki Original From CocktailChem: Suit, Tie, and Lei

Suit Tie and Lei from CocktailChem
Jordan Devereaux of Chemistry of the Cocktail posted an original drink early on this Tiki Month entitled the Suit, Tie and Lei. To be honest, I didn’t know what to do with it, partly because I do not have one ingredient, Aperol, and partly because this did not look like a Tiki drink or a drink that I’d particularly like.

But I trust Jordan’s taste, and yesterday I went ahead and made up one, using a old bottle of Campari I haven’t gotten around to pouring out have been keeping around. And what do you know, it is remarkably good, and has far more of a Tiki vibe than I would have thought possible. It really demonstrates the transformative power of the kind of long list of ingredients that Tiki features, because no drink including Campari, Angostura, vermouth, and allspice should be this smooth and soft. It is a helluva lot more in your face than many Tiki drinks, but still remains accessible and possesses that undefinable new gestalt flavor that just isn’t any of its ingredients that makes Tiki drinks what they are.

Go check Jordan’s site for the recipe!

And hey! This post is part of Tiki Month 2013 here at the Pegu Blog! Be sure to look around for LOTS more Tiki stuff all February!


  1. Tiare

    25 February

    The drink looks awesome! the garnsih, glass and color, love it! gonna go and read the post.

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