Aloha Y’all

Aloha Y'all
Aloha, Y’all!

Another Tiki Month has come and gone here at the Pegu Tiki Blog. No… as of tomorrow, it’ll be back to the Pegu Blog. I’ll be starting things off this March with a serious, cool post about (drumroll) the Pegu! Seriously, it’s pretty cool.

But for now, I just want to say thanks to all who dropped by this month.
To the regular cocktail crowd who put up with my temporary tropical insanity: thanks, and it is back to the usual.
To the Tiki lovers: hang around, the rest of the cocktailosphere is pretty cool too.
And to all the other bloggers who came along for the ride this Tiki Month… you guys are awesome! I hope I linked you all properly. If I didn’t, sorry. I wasn’t prepared with a good plan for all the buy-in this year. I’ll have a plan for next. I have many plans for next!

Each year, Tiki Month gets more fun and more elaborate. This year, instead of one big Tiki blowout, I hosted four casual drop-in Tiki happy hours for local friends. They all went well, but I expect more of you local types to show next year!

I love Tiki Month, but it is time to take down the decorations and store them, drop the Martin Denny and crank up the Psychedelic Furs, finish off the passion fruit syrup and make up some blueberry, and put away the blender. Tiki Detox around here always means a lot of Old-Fashioneds….

Thanks for the ride, guys.


  1. Tiare

    28 February

    I always enjoy your tiki months! i would have some serious withdrawals if – i wouldn`t just continue a usual on my own blog…lol

    But your tiki months are more fun..and so i`ll miss it until the next time!

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  2. Tiare

    28 February

    Oh…and please pin a wrap up post on top so we can go back and read the pots and sample the recipes!

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  3. Joe G.

    1 March

    In the spirit of comity, and harmony, and the ethanolic brotherhood of man, I might host a Speakeasy Month on my blog.

    I’ll even consider coupe glassware.

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