Taking “The Flask” for a Testdrive

Taking “The Flask” for a Testdrive

So Oakley is making a carbon-fiber, steel, and aircraft aluminum flask for The Macallan. Their test-drive exceeds the specs for your average drinking flask… just a little bit.

Run over it with a modern sports car: Check.

Drag it around behind a variety of classic and modern sports cars: Check.

Refill it in a moving convertible with a hose from a helicopter: Check.

Drop it onto concrete from the aforementioned helicopter: Check.

Drive right up and deliver flask to a beautiful, naked model in her bathtub in the middle of the test track: Check.

For those of you who need a flask with operational specs like this, you can pick one up for a mere $900. Or for $1,500 you can get one with a bottle of The Macallan 22 to fill it.
Oakley Macallan The Flask
Via: LikeCool


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