Beer Wisdom Equally Applicable to Cocktail Lovers

Beer Wisdom Equally Applicable to Cocktail Lovers

From I Can Haz Cheezburger’s Fail Blog last month:
Note the Subtle Difference
There is a wealth of wisdom in this cartoon… even if it does feature two men so limited in wisdom that they care about beer.

What would be your recaptioning for the cocktail world?

Here’s mine:

Cocktail Enthusiast: I bought a six pack of really nice tonic water made by a friend in Portland… Plus a bottle of good rum, because the host makes a metric ton of daiquiris.

Cocktail Snob: I bought a large bottle of Fernet Branca. I’m going to force everybody, even the ladies drinking white zinfandel, to do shots of it and then corner you for the rest of this night to explain why drinking vodka is a betrayal of all that is intoxicating.

So, my fellow readers who often, like me, teeter on the edge of being the second guy, what are your own cautionary quotes?


  1. JFL

    2 December

    I don’t think making people take fernet shots is bad, I love making guests do it because there faces make me laugh like a lunatic. Which I think makes me more of an ass than a snob. Then again I do it to them just to get laughs and because most of my friends like to try new things. Mine is more from the experience of old fashioned lovers telling me some of my tiki cocktails “Aren’t cocktails” and have “To many ingredients”.

    Cocktail Enthusiast: I brought a bottle of lemon hart 151 to make some zombies, and I also brought some vodka from a local distiller because the host is really into vodka.

    Cocktail Snob: I’m making amari old fashioneds that everyone has to try all night and I’m going to corner you and tell you why anything other than the classic spirit, sweetner, bitters, and water definition is boorish and insulting.

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  2. JFL

    2 December


    Great article by the way!

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