Basement Bar Design—Tiki Decor: Fireplace

Basement Bar Design—Tiki Decor: Fireplace

Tiki Fireplace
This lovely artifact is old, I know. In internet terms, this post on something built and publicized in 2005 is practically anthropology. But man, is it cool.

This Tiki fireplace is the magnum opus of Tikiphile and Tiki Central member Biff Butler. He started by building the basic box out of sheets of pink insulating sheathing which he carved into the rough outline. He then built up the detail with fireplace cement. The eyes are made of surfboard resin and backlit. A smoke machine rests on a fireproof shelf over the mouth. You can read his discussion of the process at Tiki Central, and see a set of 48 photos of it’s construction on his own website.
The guy is a serious Tiki designer. Check out his bedroom here, in that old-fashioned Quicktime 3D format (Can’t Embed.) And you can see the rest of his Tiki bar living room in this video:


  1. Honestly, that is one of the coolest things I’ve seen recently!

    Talk about all Tiki all of the time, Biff must be totally committed – or at least he should be 😉

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