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Laboratory Flask Cocktail Shaker Set
Few people who understand the essential alchemy that is cocktail making are able to resist wishing for a white lab coat from time to time behind the bar. Behind the mahogany-topped lab bench, the bartender can turn mediocre booze into something good, and great boozer into something transcendent. It is hard not to get caught up in the desire to look the part. There have been products on the market for some time that try to scratch the itch, but none that I think are up to really doing the job.

Until now.

The Laboratory Flask Cocktail Set, from Periodic Tableware, looks to be made of decent lab-grade materials. It comes with four “shot glasses” (two beakers, and two Erlenmeyer flasks). The shaker is the lynch pin. It is a 500ml+ flask, with a rubber stopper and embedded glass stirstick. It also has the little side port with separate stopper that you can use to pour out shots or cocktails.
The detail that just makes me fall in love with this set is the little custom Hawthorne strainer that fits the main spout of the mixing flask. How cool is that?

If you have an inner cocktail geek, you need this set. And check around for other cool products in the same vein from PT. They sell the shot vessels separately, as well as stemmed beakers for wine, and even Erlenmeyer Flask Martini Glasses that look both cool and stable.


  1. Jordan

    29 May

    These sound like the perfect presents for science-loving friends. Or maybe just Breaking Bad fans, lol! They look really cool and I bet can make some interesting drinks. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Daphne

      5 September

      Indeed. I Love this whole set, but especially the mixing/shaker beaker.

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