Wrong. Just Wrong. Genius-Level Wrong

Look at that. No good can possibly come from that.

Well, how about getting your flask into a sporting event?

How about having to buy an admission ticket for your flask? The math doesn’t work.

I’ve heard that women really go for the caring single dad-type. Compulsively kissing your baby’s forehead should make you appear to be serious nurturing material.

The Pick-up Artist lifestyle is deeply problematic, or so I’ve heard screeched. Besides, if you are always bending down to slurp your “baby’s” forehead, the women will see your incipient bald spot. If you want women, get a dog.

Or a dog-shaped flask, maybe?


As I said. This thing will just not work, and is Wrong™. So of course, I’m going to link to step-by-step instructions, and embed a video of the process…. I’m so ashamed.

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