What Mixology Monday Has to Offer Tiki Month

What Mixology Monday Has to Offer Tiki Month


In past Tiki Months, I either hosted the event myself, in a transparent attempt to generate a lot of extra Tiki content from the rest of the blogosphere, or did a secondary roundup of the Tiki representation in whatever theme was hosted elsewhere. This year’s theme was Spring Break, which host Joel DiPippa at Southern Ash chose in part to chum the water for Tiki content as well. Bless his useful heart.

The Tiki content that resulted from this was impressive. Almost all of the drinks offered could plausibly be considered Tiki Compliant, and a great many claim the mantle of Tiki outright.

Instead of running them all down this time, especially since there is no way I have time to make a tenth of them, I thought I’d try out some of the new, high-tech features of this blog’s new theme and see how I could showcase a bunch of links to the most Tiki Month-appropriate of the entries….

Between Scylla and Charybdis

Southern Ash Blog

Rums, spices, citrus, and a fascinating blood orange falernum thingy.

Idle Idyll


A heavier, darker, mango-y Missionary’s Downfall.

Queen of the Lava Beds

Cocktail Virgin Slut

Includes Pisco, falernum, absinthe, flame, and is built for Two.

Violet Kai


A big Tiki-style Daiquiri with Creme de Violette for special effects.

And a factoid I did not know: Don the Beachcomber was born during Tiki Month!

And of course, my own humble entry…

Rickey’s Gin Dugout

The Pegu Blog

An attempt to meld the ultra-clean, refreshing Gin Rickey with a spicy Tiki undertone.

Ginger Pilot

Drink Something Completely Different

A Jet Pilot with cachaça and mezcal.

Pistachio Planter’s

Kitchen Shamanism

Don’s Spice #2, demerara, and… Swedish pistachio rum?

There you have it! A bunch of new Tiki offerings to try. There’s is only a day or so left of Tiki Month left, sad to say, so get with the program!


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