Bar Institute Extras: Headshots

Portland's Jacob Grier

Portland’s Jacob Grier

One of the cool things at Bar Institute is the nice little photo studio to which Gentleman Jack dedicated the back half of their booth. Professional photographer Kathryn Dulny set up back here at several times during Exhibition hours to offer complimentary professional headshots to attendees. Because, how who couldn’t really use a good photograph?
Columbus's Nigal Vann

Columbus’s Nigal Vann

Thanks to Jack Daniels for my headshot, and everyone else’s. Kathryn was working both Baltimore and Phoenix, so I hope/assume she or someone will be doing all the events this year.
A photographer is limited by the quality of her model, of course....

A photographer is limited by the quality of her model, of course….

If you go, I encourage you to give some thought to how you’d like to be shot. If you browse Kathryn’s website, you can see all the headshots so far, and there are some good ideas for poses. Also, if you have any prop or object that is a part of your image, think about bringing it along so you can include it.

Meaning, you forgot to bring me!


You’re dead to me….


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