It’s the TENTH Annual Tiki Month, Folks!

It’s the TENTH Annual Tiki Month, Folks!

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that (apparently) never ends! February 2018 is the tenth straight year that I have declared Tiki Month here at the Pegu Blog. The event has morphed over the years, from an intended one-off period where I made a few exotic syrups so that I could try some of the pretty-looking Tiki drinks I saw bloggers like Tiare and Colonel Tiki posting, to a complete annual overhaul of my lifestyle that affects my life in meatspace even more than it does my on-line presence.

In some ways, Tiki Month remains an ephemeral event. That extensive bamboo decor and lighting effects in my basement bar last only the month, and ditto for the fridge full of complex, exotic syrups and tinctures. but I find that I have been permanently affected by this event as well, if in no other way than my year-round addiction to aloha shirts.

This year, I should have a bit of everything for the month. I should have a bar review or three. I have a bunch of new drinks I’ve learned that I want to share, and maybe a few original inventions of my own that will be worth posting. I have ambitious new elements of my basement bar’s Tiki overhaul this year, that I will share here if they a) work, and b) can be effectively put into images. Hopefully, I’ll find a new aloha shirt or two worth buying.

Oh, and there are new mugs. A budget-ruining pile of new mugs.

So Okole Maluna (bottoms up) and remember that Tiki Month is for everyone! If you blog on the theme this month, please shoot me an email, or better yet, DM me on Twitter or Instagram. My handle is both @DAWinship. And if you post on Twitter or Instagram yourself, slap a #TikiMonth hashtag on there so I can enjoy it, and pass it around. If you are a Facebook user… I dunno, tag me or whatever. I’m on there but I seldom visit.


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